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Soil Painting Kits - Paint a picture with soils from Montana.  Order some today for your students!
Kits include five samples of soil with different textures and colors from across Montana.  Instructions included. (order form)

Additional information on the Montana Soil Painting project may be found at

A producer record book has been compiled to provide Montana producer a tool for tracking and updating their production records.  The chapter acknowledges the committee who developed this record book and especially Emily Guldborg for her efforts in the development of this useful tool. The Montana Chapter's goal is to make this record book a useful tool.  Please provide comments on using the record book so it may be enhanced to meet the needs of producers across Montana.
(Cropland Records) (Farmstead Records) (Irrigation Records) (Pest & Nutrient Management Records) (Range Records)
(web-ready files)

Circle of Earth BraceletsCelebrate Earth Day whenever you please, by learning new ways to keep our planet healthy.  Start by making a "Circle of the Earth" bracelet that helps to illustrate how everything on Earth is related to everything else.  The Montana Chapter is providing instructions and materials for assembly of the bracelets.  Contact Heidi Brewer for a "free" packet.

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The Montana Chapter is proud of the accomplishments that have been made over the past decade, and we continue to strive to meet the needs of our members through our annual work plan.

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Show off your colors for SWCS!!  The Montana Chapter has clothing apparel and caps with the SWCS logo printed on them.  (order information)

The mission of the Soil and Water Conservation Society is to foster the science and art of soil, water, and related natural resource management through advocacy, professional development, and educational activities to achieve sustainability.  The Montana members stand for a stewardship ethic that recognizes the interdependence of people and the environment.


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